Advanced Neurogical Acupuncture




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Innovative Health treats with a rarely-mastered style of acupuncture. This method is over 2,500 years old, and varies widely from the typical treatments one can receive in Australia, with the results being far more effective and sustainable.

Advanced Neurological Acupuncture produces instantaneous pain relief which is likened to “turning on a light switch”, enabling pain to be treated instantly and effectively. The acupuncture points used involve areas of the scalp and ears; elbows to the fingers; and from knees to the toes.

Consequently, the patient does not need to remove any clothing, and can lay comfortably while receiving an efficient and effective treatment.

This style of acupuncture also helps to create a treatment matrix for some of the more difficult conditions which are resistant to other types of treatment, as not only can pain be eradicated, but internal disorders also corrected.


Acupuncture, a modality created and adapted for thousands of years, is gaining more and more popularity in the Western world for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

During a treatment, very thin, solid, hairlike needles are inserted at specific points on the body. These specific points are neural nodules, and with stimulation affect both the central and peripheral nervous systems.

It triggers the release of the body’s internal chemicals such as endorphins and enkephalins, which have pain-relieving properties. If you have lingering pain, or pain that is just not being fixed by other modalities, then acupuncture offers a time-tested, very reliable method of pain relief.

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