Innovative Health treats with a rarely-mastered style of acupuncture. This method is over 2,500 years old, and varies widely from the typical treatments one can receive in Australia, with the results being far more effective and sustainable.

Advanced Neurological Acupuncture produces instantaneous pain relief which is likened to “turning on a light switch”, enabling pain to be treated instantly and effectively. The acupuncture points used involve areas of the scalp and ears; elbows to the fingers; and from knees to the toes.

Consequently, the patient does not need to remove any clothing, and can lay comfortably while receiving an efficient and effective treatment.

This style of acupuncture also helps to create a treatment matrix for some of the more difficult conditions which are resistant to other types of treatment, as not only can pain be eradicated, but internal disorders also corrected.

Dr Rodney Capriotti promotes natural, effective, drug free medicine. Acupuncture, a modality created and adapted for thousands of years, is gaining more and more popularity in the Western world for the treatment of acute and chronic pain.

​During a treatment, very thin, solid, hairlike needles are inserted at specific points on the body. These specific points are neural nodules, and with stimulation affect both the central and peripheral nervous systems.

​It triggers the release of the body’s internal chemicals such as endorphins and enkephalins, which have pain-relieving properties. If you have lingering pain, or pain that is just not being fixed by other modalities, then acupuncture offers a time-tested, very reliable method of pain relief.


Medical Pulse Diagnosis is used to detect the way blood is flowing through your body. Rodney will then be able to recommend a natural treatment plan - involving either one or a combination of Chinese Herbal Medicine, Advanced Neurological Acupuncture or Dietary changes.

The fact that Traditional Chinese Medicine has existed for thousands of years, and is still used today, is a testament to its value as a form of healthcare.


Our treatment plans are based on a personalized consultation. We use the most advanced techniques in Chinese Medicine including Advanced Neurological Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, and Medical Pulse Diagnosis. At Innovative Health we go beyond these treatments serving you with nutritional counselling, and more.



Advanced Neurological Acupuncture


At Innovative Health, Dr Rodney specialises in a rarely mastered style of Acupuncture known as Advanced Neurological Acupuncture, due to its effectiveness and more often than not, instant results. Patients describe it as “turning off a light switch” of symptoms or pain.

Advanced Neurological Acupuncture places needles distal, or far-away, from the symptomatic site.  To the untrained eye, these placements may seem random.  For example, a shoulder pain can be addressed with needles in the wrists, ankles and/or knees.  These needles are strategically placed for optimal results.  Relief is felt on the table within moments.  To explain this physiologically, the practitioner is placing needles in specific areas of dense nerve tissue to signal to the brain to release certain natural pain-killing chemicals and to stimulate blood flow.

Medical Pulse Diagnosis

Pulse Diagnosis is the most accurate way to detect patterns of ill health by reading the subtle signs of distress within the body. The first mention of Pulse Diagnosis dates back over 2,000 years!  Dr Rodney Capriotti has years of experience in Medical Pulse Diagnosis, using it on a daily basis.

With this method, Rodney is able to detect the way blood is flowing through the radial artery. Distinctions of this flow correlate with how blood is flowing through specific regions of the body, including the organs.


Rodney can detect the way blood is flowing through specific regions of the body, including the organs. The pulse can reveal many common health concerns and how they are related to one another. The art of Medical Pulse Diagnosis allows the ability to assess the overall health and function of each organ system.

Traditional Chinese Medicine


Traditional Chinese Medicine has evolved over thousands of years. Chinese herbal medicine is primarily made of plants and minerals. Nature’s true medicine. At Innovative Health, we use the most sophisticated form of natural medicine. After each personalised consultation and Medical Pulse Diagnosis, Dr Rodney Capriotti will create a herbal formula based on your diagnosis. This is a natural and safe approach to healing.

Herbs are prescribed to restore proper function in your body. By consuming the herbs, at the required dose, it is equivalent to having a “mini-treatment” on a daily basis. As your health improves, so does your herb prescription. Some herbs may no longer be needed, while others may be introduced. Dr Rodney is able to monitor your progress through pulse diagnosis and alter your herbs as required.

Once the issue with the organs have been corrected, and the body/organs have been “retrained” how to flow and function at the correct rate, this will then hold and the person will be able to stop taking herbs for that specific issue.

Natural Herbs


Doctor of Acuptuncture and Chinese Medicine


From a young age Rodney’s eyes were opened to the power of Natural Medicine while witnessing the beneficial results received by both him, and his family members, with issues which western medicine struggled to comprehensively fix.

Rodney has been actively studying in the field of Natural Medicine since 2006, beginning by delving into Naturopathy, and then switching modalities when realizing that the course did not offer enough of what he wanted. He then found a complete system in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, and completed a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Throughout his studies, Rodney also completed degrees in Kinetic Energen and was personally chosen to be mentored by the creator of this modality, Professor Dan McNair, who was awarded the Albert Schweitzer Medal in 1993 for the most valuable contribution to Complimentary Medicines. In 2014, Rodney established Innovative Health and it was not long before he came across Advanced Neurological Acupuncture. This was taught to Rodney by world-renowned Acupuncturists Dr Richard Tan, through The Balance Method; and Robert Doane, through DNA (Distal Needling Acupuncture) and MPD (Medical Pulse Diagnosis).

Rodney was selected as 1 of 3 people in the world, who were personally chosen by the creator of DNA and MPD, Robert Doane to teach his methods. Due to the high demand of other practitioners wanting to learn this method, Rodney now gives seminars all over Australia. Through Rodney’s study, and progression in the field, he has treated, and helped, thousands of people, including professional athletes and international celebrities.
By combining the theories taught to Rodney, he now practices a scientifically proven medical system which must be experienced to be believed. 


If you have health issues, contact Innovative Health TODAY, and be ready for a mind-blowing experience.

Feel the Pulse


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“Through the use of Thermal Imagining, one can see how Advanced Neurological Acupuncture increases, and restores, the blood flow to areas of the body which are specifically targeted, hence increasing the healing process, and diminishing/eliminating pain.”

Increased Blood Flow = Increased Healing = Instant Pain Relief!
No drugs! No side effects! All naturally retraining the brain how to heal itself!

Some examples of changes that can be seen through Thermal Imaging..


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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between Acupuncture, Dry needling and Advanced Neurological Acupuncture?

Advanced Neurological Acupuncture is a rarely mastered advanced way of treating where the patient is able to feel an instant effect within under a minute of the needles being placed into the body. Needles are placed distally to the area in which the patient is complaining about, and all treatments can be performed while the patient is in an upright position, and fully clothed. The only parts of the body needed are the elbows to fingers, knees to toes, and the head. This style of treatment shows the true power of what Acupuncture is actually capable of, and begins to correct the cause of the problem from the first treatment. Advanced Neurological Acupuncture offers instant pain relief, and is the quickest way in allowing the body to have a complete recovery. Once the correct course of treatments have been complete, the patient is able to stop with the treatments as the true underlying cause of the problem has been corrected, and the body is now able to heal itself. This is the case not only for physical issues, but also internal issues, both acute and chronic.

As previously mentioned, Acupuncturists must undertake a minimum of 4 years study with thousands of hours’ worth of clinical practice; they are the ‘True Professionals’ when it comes to needling the body. Acupuncture practice incorporates many different needling techniques and a variety of these may be required to gain the best results. A registered acupuncturist is qualified in many techniques, including trigger point, and will adopt the best approach depending on the patient’s individual needs. The best approach does not rely on trigger points alone and sometimes trigger points are not necessary at all. If you’re only having ‘dry needling’, you are missing out on most of what a registered acupuncturist has to offer. Acupuncture is able to correct physical issues, as well as internal issues of the body, by treating the cause of the problem, and not just the symptoms. In regards to pain, slight relief (like dry needling) is generally felt after the session, with symptoms returning 48-72 hrs later; however after 4-5 sessions the cause of the problem begins to be corrected, and with continual sessions the issue will slowly but surely be fixed for good.

The practice of ‘Dry Needling’ involves inserting a needle into a trigger points, causing a local “twitch” response, allowing the muscles to involuntarily contract or “jump”. This is believed to allow the muscles to relax, yet only addresses part of the symptom and not the cause of the problem. This technique is one of many that Acupuncturists may use, however can be quite painful and unnecessary.
In Australia, in order to obtain a license to ‘dry needle’, a Physio, Chiro, GP, Osteopath, or anyone who wants to, only needs to complete a 20 hour course (unlike an Acupuncturist who studies for a minimum of 4 years with thousands of clinical hours). This is just enough time for people to gain a rudimentary understanding of how to ‘needle the point that hurts’ and perhaps deliver short-term symptom relief. This technique does not last, and symptoms generally arise again due to the cause of the problem not being corrected. Dry Needling also only attempts to treat physical issues, with the same points being used for the same issues, and no individualised treatments being given.

What is pain?

Any time there is pain in the body, there are sensory nerves which are firing; these may or may not be related to a structural problem causing the sensory dysfunction. 95% of the time with chronic pain, there is no major structural reason/cause for the pain (nothing pushing on a nerve, no bulging disc, nothing leaning on a spinal nerve) but the person still has pain! The problem with most doctors who are not well versed in the field of neurology is that their immediate assumption is that if you have pain, there must be a structural reason for it. In other words, there must be some form of structure, being bone, soft tissue, disc or some object actually pushing on the sensory nerve, causing it to continuously fire. This assumption is not always true. This is usually when general practitioners prescribe prescription pain relievers, which unfortunately nerves do not respond well to (even drugs such as narcotics); hence the cause of the problem not being corrected, and the pain is not eliminated from the body. So why is the pain still there? This is because the patient is caught in a sensory motor loop, meaning their body has literally forgotten how to shut the pain down. This is due to a neuropathic problem where the nerve itself is swollen, firing continuously, sending incorrect information to the brain; hence creating a major problem for the patient where they are stuck in a pain cycle.​

How are pain killers effecting my body?

Long term use of pain killers dulls the nervous system. This is the reason as to why children and babies respond very fast to Advanced Neurological Acupuncture, as their neuro-system has not yet been compromised. On the other hand, elderly people who are on multiple medications; they have dulled their own beta-blockers, and the body now relies on this external substance to be consumed in order to make a change. Advanced Neurological Acupuncture still works in these cases, however the length of time it takes to achieve the desired results will be longer, as the body must be retrained, and retaught the fact that it does not have to rely on pharmaceutical drugs to heal itself. The natural health and vitality of the patient will determine how effective they are in getting over their problem; therefore everyone is an individual case.

How can the body heal itself?

Blood is the main healing component of the body. Everything we consume gets digested, eliminating the bad and keeping the good. Now this good “stuff” (nutrients from food) is transferred into the blood stream, with oxygen which the body has inhaled, and continuously spreading.

When there is an injury to the body, the body freaks out and thinks that it needs to protect itself, therefore constricting the blood vessels to that ‘injured’ area. By doing this the body believes it is stopping anything bad from going through the blood stream to the site of the injury; however what it is actually doing is preventing the body’s natural healing elements (found in the nutrients and oxygen) from being passed through the blood stream to heal that area. Due to this vasoconstriction (closing of blood vessels) the brain doesn’t want you using this area because you could make it worse; therefore it inhibits the motor function of your injured area, so now there is stiffness, and doesn’t move very well. This is called “guarding”. That’s why when people have chronic pain, the whole area is stiff; that stiffness is a trick being played on that area of your body, by the midbrain. So here you are caught in a situation where there’s not a strong enough signal strength in that proprioceptive pathway, the brain won’t release those opioids, but it will constrict the motor nerve going into the area, and now you’re caught in a chronic pain and stiffness cycle which not even drugs and medication will fix because there is no structural problem, but instead the blood vessels are just vasoconstricted.

The way to correct this issue is to open the blood vessels back up again. But how can that be done? Through Advanced Neurological Acupuncture! When a needle is put into the body it sends a message (impulse) to the midbrain through the nervous system and proprioceptive pathways. The midbrain then releases enkephalins, which are the body’s natural opioids, and about 1000 times more powerful than a histamine drug (such as oxycontin) to specific sites on the body, depending where needles have been placed. These opioids (enkephalins, endorphins, etc) which have been released, open up the blood vessels at the “injured” site; which then allows oxygen and nutrients to be spread, creating instant pain relief! This process needs to be repeated as the body has a “freak out” thinking that it must once again shut off the blood vessels to protect itself; therefore repeat treatments are needed in order to reboot the signal strength in the brain and get this to stick, to keep the vessels open for the blood and nutrient flow; basically just re-establishing neurological homeostasis.

To make this work, the needles have to be put in specific areas on the body, depending what, and where, the issue is. The reason for this all comes from the day we were conceived and developed from an embryo, to a foetus, and a foetus to a baby. This process is completed in an unravelling motion (refer to pic) where you were once ‘ball-shaped’ and had all parts of your body, from your wrist, to your ankle, to your shoulder, to your hip, to your neck, to your throat, to your spine, to your pelvic area all connected as one. During this unravelling process of developing from an embryo, into a foetus and into a baby, these parts un-attach physically from each other, however neurologically will always be connected. Therefore if a needle is placed into the wrist, it will send impulses to the midbrain, which releases chemicals to open up the blood vessels of the areas all previously mentioned that the wrist was once physically connected to as a foetus.

This here is a major reason as to why people can’t get over “chronic pain” situations. It is also the problem with physical therapy and why it does not always work, as physical therapy techniques don’t involve neurology; causing the therapist to think “oh your wrist is weak”, so let’s just work out the wrist. But you are actually going against the whole entire genetic tendency to not use that wrist, because it’s injured (or at least the brain thinks it is). First you have to take the pain away; then if it’s still weak, physical therapy will fix that. But to try to do physical therapy as a pain relief method, by using the appendage is not a good idea as you could injure them even more, causing greater damage.

Why is blood flow important?

At birth, the blood flow in the body is the best that it will ever be! Babies are just a big ball of blood vessels, hence why they are pink, and are like rubber. They can fall down 2000 times in the first few years of their lives while learning how to walk, yet where are the bruises? They heal almost instantly, like a healing machine. Whereas if we fell down 2000 times in the next three years, our bodies would not cope very well at all. What happens over time is that vascular flow in the body gets worse as we age; this is fact. Vessels get damaged with trauma, they clot up from bad eating habits, and all types of other stuff. So over time the flow of blood in the body, and nutrients, get worse and worse, until eventually there are certain body areas (usually the joints, the brain, the heart, the muscle, and the extremities) where blood flow will drop way down from its original condition at birth (up to 70%), so now the body has lost the ability to heal itself, hence the chronic problems begin to appear. With this, there will be a lack of nutrient flow in the nerves of the area, lack of nutrient flow in the tissue of the area, and if the area gets damaged then the body has one hard time correcting itself.

The key to living a more vital life is to improve the vascular flow! This is because health is highly oxygenated, highly nutritious blood coursing through the body! That is health; and those people can live an extremely long time. When people who live into the “extreme” ages of 110-115 years old are asked what they did to get to that age, they usually say that they never ate very much, they never rested a big amount, they never really retired, they stayed happy, etc. However the one thing they never say is that they exercised the hell out of their bodies. This is a current ‘western-living’ phase where people believe stressing their bodies out to the max will help them in the long run; they are wrong. It’s because excessive or competitive aerobic exercise (ie competitive cycling, long distance running, etc) will damage the ventricles of the heart, creating an issue with the natural blood flow. That is why people should listen to the age old saying of ‘everything in moderation’.